October 11th, 2006

cluck you

morning show

for some reasone, 7:00 am is like this black hole for my coherent thoughts. i set my alarm for 6:30 or 6:45, snooze once and the hurry out of bed because i think i need to leave at 7:00 to get to work by 8:00. this is despite, of course, that i've been getting to work 30 minutes early every day.

i don't like the word everyday. it should be every day. [edit: and so it is! thanks for the clarification!]

yesterday, one of the scales (we have two) broke at work. using the back scale, which is farther away from me and has a speaker that is much more difficult to understand speech on, was a total pain in my ass. and, of course, most drivers would rather just yell that they can't hear me than turn off their loud-ass trucks. oh, best of all, every single driver thought it was so funny to ask me what i did to break the front scale.

ha. ha.
underwater thing

wanted: one hot date

the indianapolis symphony orchestra is performing carmina burana this weekend. anyone interested in accompanying me? (more info).


i like david sedaris.


i can't believe there is actually legistlation which will eventually withold federal funding from states which do not offer means to evacuate pets from natural disaster areas. sure, i'd be sad if euclid got caught in a fire or a flood or something, but isn't that my fault for not evacuating myself and/or my possessions from impending doom?

seriously... how many PEOPLE died in new orleans? i think our first priority should be perfecting our human evacuation systems. and, here's a though, stop overpopulating areas with such significant environmental hazards.


my tummy hurts.
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