October 9th, 2006

sky in your eyes

move by yourself

so, starting this week, i'm training to close at work. that means i don't have to go in until 8 a.m. i thought this was going to be a sweet, sweet deal, but i was wrong. i woke up a half hour before my alarm went of this morning AND it turns out i set my alarm about a half hour too early anyway. plus, i hit some rush hour both going to and coming home from work now. [not sweet at all.]

i'm not sure how it happened exactly, but today was an impromptu clean-a-thon here at the frat house. [yeah, that's what i'm calling it. deal with it.] igg and jqr even cleaned out the refunkerator. it's quite amazing. i unpacked some cold weather clothes and my room seems to have gotten exponentially messier. ops. i guess this will be my project for the week, since i can't seem to log onto chacha anymore. [wtf, btw?]

should anyone need any sort of apartment furnishings (mostly kitchen stuff, actually) i've got a lot to sell before i go back to hawaii. i'd be sweet to have a garage sale, but i'm lazy and it's apparently going to snow soon. so, eff that.

this weekend was a pretty good squeeztogether, but my social anxiety got the best of me. i actually did just get up and leave one night. i kind of wish i'd done that in the first place; i knew i was in no mood for ipwib antics. anyway, thanks to chuwie, quarantine, sephon, stewbot and virtualnao for coming up/over to see femtron, igg, jqr and i. i'd like to get together again for pumpkin carving and corn maze adventures. hopefully, i won't hate all your guts when that day comes.

[don't feel bad, i hated my {busted} guts too. s.a.d. makes me sad.]

oh! and special thanks to everyone who played pit. i'm glad you all enjoy it as much as i do. i promise to have a bell the next time we play! also, i promise never to play monopoly again. ever.

driven is this weekend. i haven't made specifc plans yet, but i think i'll figure it all out tomorrow--wednesday at the latest. [wensday {sic} night is bukkake night.]