September 8th, 2006


Voice Post: lady and gentlemen, start your engines

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“well, i know it's about three or four months after-the-fact, but i finally got around to watching the indianapolis 500 from this year and i've got to say it's the best race i've ever seen. (and i've seen quite a few.) so, i wanna thank everybody who didn't ruin the outcome of the race, except my dad, who actually did. but, uhh luckily, i forgot it until, i dunno, about the last five baps.. laps when i figured it out. still, it was exciting and i'm really glad my dad recorded it for me. and i think all you people who don't watch that race, who live in this town... total fucking losers. but maybe i'm a loser for watching that race and no other irl league... ya know... races. whatever, i dunno. it was a good race. i'm excited. i'm coming home tonight. so if anybody wants to do anything, i dunno, gimme a call.”

Transcribed by: shakewell