August 25th, 2006


Voice Post:

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“stew - ugh, go on. Oh its stew, we're just chillin at this after. You guys missed out on last night on keepin' it deep. I uh spun a two hour set and it was fuckin awesome. so.. yeah, hopefully ugh anyone that checks this out will come to keepin' it deep every thursday at club therapy like cheeah! also, your mom. cheeah.
amanda - uh hello?, I'm hangin out with katherine, stew, phil, joe tyra and tank. We're having a fabulous time. We tried to call the rejection hotline but its not working out. I mean how many times has it happend where you wanna get rejected and it doesn't work. Anyway, I think Katherine wants to talk so..
Katherine - Hello voicepost for livejournal. Amanda rocks cock harder then you wouldn't believe. or would. either way. if you do or you don't, she rocks it. uhhh yeah. We need more BLUE! (more blue!) Let us know if you know where we can get more blue, cuz we need it. (bark bark)”

Transcribed by: stewbot