August 21st, 2006


hello, hello. are you out there?

so, we all know i have plenty of hang-ups about phones, but here's a few more:

if i haven't talked to you in years, it is not appropriate to call me at 1:30 a.m.

if i haven't talked to you in years and you've already called me once to let me know you found my number again, you do not need to repeat the action less than a month later.

if you call in the middle of the night, leave a message the first time and don't call me right back.


i have finished training at chili's. i don't really feel confident at all about being on my own, but everyone else thinks i'll be fine, so i'll defer to their judgement.

on my last day of training, i had to wait on my two managers. i didn't upsell anything i should have (which is everything), but they said i had a lot of excitement and energy, which is what they hired me for. the product knowledge will come in time, and i can continue to feign excitement about that, when the time comes.


i really want some thai food. i think i may be addicted.


coming down to the wire, i may decide to enroll in a couple classes this fall. i don't know. i know i should. i know i don't want to balance school and work, neither of which is particularly close to home at the moment.


darkwax is home from hawaii. seeing him again makes me homesick for the island.

he brought back the souveniers i bought and left at the farm. kristen (and everyone who has seen it) loves her necklace. i'm really glad i decided to gank the first one i bought for her. it was much more my style than hers.


i'm hungry. i guess i'll go get some pad thai. booyah!