July 2nd, 2006

twist and shout

put on your red shoes and dance the blues

so, i don't know if any of you have an impression of what an incredibly small town honokaa is. let me try to give you and idea. on saturdays, the post office is only open from 8:30 - 9:45 am, the (only) grocery store closes at 8:00 pm and the gas station closes at 11:00 pm. when i first arrived, i likened the main street of the town, with all it's antique shops and bead stores, to madison's main street, but it's only a couple of blocks long.

so anyway, every once in a while (perhaps as often as once a month), the honokaa hotel club hosts a band (the rock bottom boys) and opens up its doors to the public for $10. now, since absolutely nothing, besides the gas station, is open by the time the band goes on at 9:00, everyone in town shows up to this gig. and i do mean everyone, young and old alike (though there is an astonishing lack of 20-35 year-olds). and the best part is that they all dance! so, you've got gramma and grampa jitterbugging next to these goofy high school kids wearing face paint and pink wigs and flailing around haplessly.

so, holland i totally had a blast there last night. we met this guys, justin, who lives in the building where holland works and was having his 26th birthday that night. he's a server at a restaurant in waimea, so we're totally going to get drinks and pupus there this week. we also ran into these two high school girls we met down in waipio last week and made plans to meet them again there sometime soon for some drum circle action.

but, really, the best part of the night was the dancing. holland danced with the boy in the pink wig (winter, like the season) AND let me take pictures (a very rare occurrence). later, we totally sandwiched him and then justin on the dance floor. i had an absolute blast.