June 15th, 2006


haiku for him

in honor of 'drew
a drunken dirty haiku
and for ipwib too

aloha, from tipsyville
land of jeager and red bull
bombs are the bomb, bra

compose poetry
while the frenchman waits outside
please let him pass out

it is hard to count
sylables. and hard to spell
can't even see to type

i miss xine. i do.
like i miss the eight one two
home... where the heart is

wait, these are supposed
to be dirty haikus, they are.
but just tell a story

i know! a limmerick
just the thing to add some spice
but how do they go...

there once was a girl in hawaii
with a boy from france, so shy he
kissed both her cheeks
and then moped for weeks
because she just said "goodbye-ee"

ok. fuck it. enough with the poetry. goodnight, all. much love.