June 4th, 2006


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this cold. it really knocked me on my ass. of the few things i could smell, the three pounds of basil darkwax picked was one of them. i could smell it from my tent. i hate basil. i am completely disgusted by it.

i'm tired of doing the dishes. every morning, i wake up and see the carnage from the last night's revelry. then, just to have some tea and toast, i have to do dishes. not just do dishes, put put dishes away before i can even do dishes. and, of course, i can't just wash what i need. i do it all. then everyone has what they need. and everyone forgets that they didn't clean up last night.

it's like living in the crackhouse, except with more (back-breaking) work and much less fun. also, i have to sleep in a tent. however, i am on a tropical island.


oh, boy! june is by far the best month i've played in animal crossing. shark, hammerhead, ocean sunfish, dorado, arowona, pirhana, birdwing butterfly, emperor butterfly, japanese oak silk moth, mosquito, firefly, eel... i've conquered them all (and more)!

god, i caught so many fish in my sickly stupor yesterday. i paid ol' tom nook half a million bells for that damn home loan. (too bad i still owe him some today.)


there's talk of going to the beach today. i should go, but i won't. they're talking about going clear to the opposite side of the island. i'm just not in the mood for that. not at all.

i'm such a party pooper.

actually, i'm trying to not be a party pooper by not going. i know i'll just be all irritable in the car. and then i'll get sand in my junk at the beach. literally. and that is so completely not fun! plus, i dunno... i'm just kind of sick of everyone and everything at the moment. you know how i do. and it doesn't help at all that i'm so sick.

i just want my mom to say "well, come on down and stay a few days. i'll make you some tea and cinnamon toast." because when i make myself tea and toast (especially here), it's actually more frustrating than comforting. and it doesn't even taste as good as what mom makes.


oh yeah, that birthday list. i don't even feel like fucking with it anymore. so, whatever.

i'm going back to bed.

ps - i desperately need to see the final episodes of lost. people keep trying to talk to me about it and i'm going to be SO pissed if someone ruins it for me.