June 2nd, 2006



aloha, friends!

life is still good here on the island, although i seem to have caught some sort of a cold.

last night, the rest of the wwoofers and i made a bomb-ass mexican dinner and then got obliterated on margaritas. phew! i had a blast, but ended up passing the fuck out before the movie we planned to watch even started. oh well...

on wednesday, our boss let us cut out of work early and took us down to waipio valley for a little campfire on the beach action. the waves were much calmer this time, compared to the last time i went down there, but no one wanted to swim with me, so i didn't get in. i'm actually pretty mad at myself about that. my social anxiety has definitely subsided since i came here, but it has completely dissipated.

we've been planting ava (kava) down in the fields these past two weeks. i mean to take pictures everyday, to give you all an idea of the whole growing, harvesting and processing process, but it's hard to deal with such a nice camera when i'm covered in sweat and dirt. plus, i already filled up one of my two memory cards and i still haven't figured out how i'm going to get the pictures off efficiently.

the ava plants that were too small or sickly to go down in the fields have been "quarantined" to a table in the greenhouse and are now my responsibility to nurse back to health. this is all very funny, because i don't know a damn thing about gardening. oh well. (the really funny thing was how the z-man said "quarantine" about a hundred times in the few minutes it took us to load up the healthy plants, but i guess you had to be there for that one.)

chuwie may be coming out soon. i'm excited. i think he'll like it here, though i worry about his back being hurt and also about fitting his tall ass into a tent. still, it will be good times for sure--especially if he makes it out for my birthday!

i think we're going to head out to some new beaches this weekend, try to find somewhere that's nice to swim at and also look for surf spots. i'm really stoked about learning to surf, but i know i'm going to have issues with learning in front of my boss and the other wwoofers (in addition to the strangers on the beach).

i heard a little about the shooting on indy's east side, but does anyone have any more details about it? i don't suppose it really matters to me, but it's pretty freaking weird hearing about your hometown from a quarter of the way around the globe.

i got a library card last week, but was disappointed to discover the library is only one room. the only had two japanese language books, neither of which was any good for actually learning the language--one on english loan words and another on writing kanji. so, my japanese pen pal (sephon) will have to be patient with me as i struggle to translate and craft a plan to have my textbook mailed to me.

well, it took a couple of hours for me to get this page to load. now, i'm tired of sitting here and staring at the screen. also, i've got some new bugs and fish to catch!