May 23rd, 2006

stepping out

hair, there, everywhere

i got an amazing offer for some land in waipio valley. you're lucky i'm not a farm girl, or i'd be stupid not to jump all over it.

i'd like to take it, though. and give it to my dad.

i cut my hair. for real real, not for play play.

i drank a lot of beers today. drunken haircuts = hilarious.

i <3 machetes. i am a powerhouse. motive power.

lunchtime political arguments make me want to hurl. but i'm interested to see that i refuse to participate in these discussions because i hear everyone else making such idiotic assumptions and contradictions.

i'm too drunk to fish and that makes me sad.

kamakani is a bad-ass kid.

i miss home, but i love it here.

i want to learn hawaiian, but also brush up on the old japanese. i'd like a japanese pen pal. (more litterally, an american pen pal to write japanese to.)

can't wait to send more mail.

will have car friday! ach yeah!

i wish robot love was enough. i'm sad and happy about the same thing. it's funny.

(and by funny, i mean depressing.)