May 3rd, 2006

postage paid

contact info

well... i'll be leaving for the airport in less than a day. crazy...

anyway, i know it's last minute, but that's how i do things. i'd like to ask for everyone's updated contact information here. comments will be screened, so no one else will view any of your details.

i'll be keeping my cellphone number (317.445.5471) and email address ( i'll be sure to post when i figure out the snail mail address as well.

i doubt i'll be able to send many hand-made postcards while i'm living on the farm, but i will definitely still be sending mail to anyone that wants it.

back to packing...
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moving on

while looking for the bathing suit i wanted to return, i lost the receipt i needed to return it with. to top it off, i still can't find the bathing suit either.

i probably should have gotten some sleep.
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cluck you

pizza! pizza! coming soon

for those of you who enjoy delicious, cheap pizza in the indianapolis area: a BRAND NEW little ceasar's is opening up at tenth and lynhurst! i'm so sad that i will not be able to give this place all my pizza business.

god damn i want some crazy bread.
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