May 2nd, 2006


compliments of the chef

I really loved dancing with you ... It was really one of the best times I had out. I rarely dance with anyone. I just remember briefly dancing close with you for a moment and holding your hips and thought it was one of the greatest experiences I ever had in my life. I love the way you dance and you move perfectly. ANd you seem ultra-feminine. It really made my night that I got to dance with you, even when we were just dancing in the same room. Tht moment I was holding your hips, they felt like the best hips in the world and I felt like I was dancing with one of the most beautiful, feminine girls there is... I decided today to read all your blogs. You are a really good writer. I really loved reading them. The thoughts you expressed were so thoughtful and filled with feeling. I definately said "WOW" in my mind... You seem like you would be really interesting to talk to... You seem interesting and I think it would be nice to just chill and talk to you... I just think you'd be cool to hang out with. At least get to know you as a person... ANyway, you are really cool and always like seeing you out at parties. -Chris

sometimes i think we forget how far a compliment can go. this was sent today, but written about a night that was months ago, by a guy i've only met a handful of times. but it really made my fucking day. went a lot farther than a lot of shit pulled by a lot of my good friends in recent weeks.

i want to be a better person. i want to make someone's day. everyday.

and it wasn't like this was some super-special thing chris did. he just told the truth about what he was thinking and feeling. and look what it did for me. sure, he didn't ever have to tell me any of this, but he knew it would make me feel good and he wanted to make me feel good, so he did it.

anyway, i REALLY have to start packing now.
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