May 1st, 2006

celebrate good times

going away

thanks to everyone who came to see me off. (bentz, surjay, chuwie, quarantine, sephon, mogis, igg, jodie, bridge it, overlord, kristen, fleck, jowelie, corey, spooge.)

sorry to everyone i said i would call and didn't. (stewbot, wessy poo, sarah, boone, sam, banjo, roguebadass, kristen, fleck, corey, jowelie.)

my phone was fucked up.
situations were fucked up.
i was fucked up.

sucks to those that ditched me. (viealet.)

while good times were had, i will really do my best to avoid such send-off events in the future. i'd much rather just skip town or announce my journies on the day of departure.

or maybe just never look back.

moving away is turning out to be a huge amount of work for me. everyone wants me to come see them and to make plans for us. it is seriously stressing me out and i'd disappear today if i could. so, i want to thank my brother, spooge, for organizing this weekend's festivities. it was quite a relief to have someone else taking care of something for a while.

and it will be an even greater relief to finally get some fucking sleep tonight. *yawn*
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