April 26th, 2006


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turns out i got belligerent last night. i don't know if it was just because i'm leaving. or maybe because fleck made me bong beers and then refused to do it himself. or it could have been the fact that the guys completely ripped my pants all the way up to the pocket. or maybe it was because my crush gave me hickies because i wouldn't tap out while we were wrestling instead of just making out with me. (le sigh.)

i dunno... but i had fun. even when they slapped my sunburn.

awesome pictures coming soon. (including a pile driver!)

rejection hotline

me: i still can't believe you gave me hickies.
him: haha
him: looks like turtlenecks for you
me: fuck it
me: i'll wear them with pride
me: closest you've ever come to putting the moves on me. i'll talk what i can get. lol
him: lol
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