April 20th, 2006

love you, bitch

i've got friends in low places

as things come down to the wire for the big move, my life is getting pretty hectic. it's crazy. frankly, it's all very exhausting. and, i'm not sure if it's that or some other reason, but i'm finding more and more reasons to be glad i'm leaving, which, in itself, makes me very sad.

anyway, i had a hilariously good time in madison last weekend. for as anxious and antisocial as i am, i had a real blast goofing around with a bunch of old drunks. i also got to see my sister get belligerent drunk, which was fun, because i got to see what i'm like when i get that way, but was also not fun, because it meant i had to stop drinking and keep an eye on her.

i managed to get a wicked sunburn on what has been my only day out in the sun this year. i was going to start tanning before i went to hawaii, to avoid such a catastrophe, but now my back is such a mess of redness and peeling skin, i feel certain i will have to endure another round or two of this on the island.

an interesting side note, my newly buzzed head did not get burned at all. and, my mohawk went over incredibly well in madison (at the american legion), much to my dismay.

while in madison, i got to catch up with roguebadass and banjo a little, though not as much as would have liked.

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and, why do i write about this here? i'm just trying to determine what i'm doing wrong. this is something in my life i have to fix or get over. i know i haven't shown it for a long time and for many reasons, but i love this girl more than i've ever loved anyone in my life. besides the fact that i would just be a colossal loser today, had i not met her, she's also filled a lot of roles in my life where others fell short. doubtful that she even knows it, but she's saved my life on more than one occasion.

i owe it to her to at least figure out my fucking issue with all of this and get back to treating her the way she deserves.