April 15th, 2006

blue sky goodbye

tomorrow in animal xing: new addition!

i'm headed to madison tomorrow to hang out with my sister, tina, and my neice, sadie, before i leave for hawaii. i should be in town by one o'clock. unless you want to go to the american legion and the electric lady with me and my sister, however, you'll probably have to wait until sunday to see me. lol.

hey! did you know they have karaoke night at the crown room? did you know i've never been there or been to a karaoke night? indeed.

and roy gentry is at joey g's at four, i think.

oh, madison, what an bountiful treasure trove you are to me these days.

well, anyway, i guess i'm going to have to get up extra early to go fishing and tanning before i leave for madison. fun.

oh... if anyone reads this in the next few minutes, could you please call or text my cell phone? i seem to have misplaced it amidst the piles and piles of crap i've been sorting and packing. thanks!
man ray


it's weird how a date can creep right up on you
but once it's there
you remember everything

i miss him
i miss the way things used to be

not that i had anything to do with it at all
but i still wish it'd been me instead of him
losing someone like him
to something like that
it shakes your foundation

there are things i am not prepared to lose
he was one of those
the next one will only be worse
and worse