April 10th, 2006

coastal explosion

the scoop on hawaii

so, i booked my flight this morning. thursday morning, may 4, i'll be departing on my most grand adventure yet.

i really can't explain how excited i am about this.

i'll be living on a farm with darkwax and a handful of other kids on the big island for at least three months, driving tractors, clearing trees and pulling weeds. i like the idea of not being a city girl for at least a little while in my life.

you can bet your sweet asses my first purchase on the island will be a surfboard. learning to surf has always been a dream of mine and i will not leave hawaii without doing so.

my second purchase is going to be a decent road bike. we only work three days a week on the farm, so i'm going to have a lot of time to explore. so, not only am i going to have a sexy, natural tan, i'm also going to be buff as hell!

i don't know if i'll ever really come back home again to indiana. sure, i'll have to visit, but this is not the place for me anymore (if it ever really was). however long i stay on the islands, san diego is the next destination for me.

of course, there's still a lot of other places i still need to see. first and foremost, i need to visit monnggee, cupcakes21 and juniper_praska in NYC. i need to see san francisco and new orleans. and i'd love to visit my friends down under too. and europe. and japan.

you get the idea.

i'm a wanderer. i'm a lonely hear searching for something. god only knows if i'll ever find it, but i'm fine with enjoying the journey. maybe that's all i'm really looking for.
cluck you

ghosts, green thumbs, gotta go

last night, among other things, i dreamed of a remote controlled ghost, phil wickersham's parents' house, katie strandmark and a sock sale. the ghost thing was actually pretty awesome. it was like gravedigger with a cabage patch doll slapped on top and it flew around and freaked everyone out. ah, man, i'm too much.

i wont he flower fest in hell today and completed the ankylosaur skeleton. also, it's raining there for the first time, so i'm going to try to catch a snail and a coelacanth tonight--hells yeah!

packing is hard. it took me nearly an hour to pack up one shelf of stuff i haven't even used since i put it on the shelf. gra. also, i need some bigger boxes. if any of you have the hook up, hook me up please. and, hey, if anyone wants to help move my grand piano sometime... yeah right.

oh. hey. i have a mohawk today! (but i could use some clipper action if you've got that.)