April 8th, 2006


A = A

groceries = bought
flight = planned (*squee*)
lease = paid, terminated
usb technology = mastered
check = deposited
perfect bathing suit = discovered
luggage = found

camera = still needed
packing = endless
painting = must be done (*sob*)
home for euclid = tbd
big furniture move = still looming (*ugh*)

FYI: distance from noelani_ = maximum (opposite end of island chain)

and for you wild world players,
name: sWell
town: Hell
FC: 1418-0259-3491
lonely girl

quarterly support report

again, i know you guys aren't into this at all, but i wanted to brag =)

i surpassed 400 support points this month and am now ranked 222nd out of 2088 supporting users.

additionally, i also ranked 4th in web, 4th in communities and 5th in general/unkown for the first quarter of the year.

i love working the support boards. i'm going to miss it in hawaii... but i'm sure hawaii will more than make up for it ;)
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