April 7th, 2006

bear is djing

home is where the heart is

i'm busy packing and sorting and arranging and planning.

but i did want to say that i saw fallennothing in the parking lot after slither the other night.

and i finally met tracibop in real life when we randomly ran into each other at the vogue on wednesday. mad props to her for both recognizing me from pictures and just coming up to me to introduce herself! anti-props to me for being too drunk and confusing her with the one other indy lj girlfriend whom i don't know in real life. (sorry!)

i like running into people in this town that i actually like and i actually want to talk to (as opposed to colliding with random madisonites who want to pretend we were friends). it figures that, just as i prepare to leave, indy begins to feel like home.

well, back to work.

(ps: it makes me sad to think about never getting to wear my winter coats, scarves, mittens and snow boots again.)