March 26th, 2006


Voice Post: meet the asshole staff

270K 1:21
“swell: hello, this is your president speaking and i'm going to hand you off to my vice president, mr. matthew hassfurder.

opiate: hello, this is the vice president AKA m-tron AKA sephon. i would like to say that, umm... live everday like it's your last.

(spooge: what is this shit? what IS this shit?! what's this shit?)

opiate: seize the fucking day, man, unless you've got homework tomorrow, in which case you better do that shit, alright? so, yeah...

(jodi: who are you talking to?)

opiate: i'm gonna hand you off to the secretary of defense, mr. chuwie mccullough.

chuwie: call matt and larry!

(chuwie: HAHAHHAHA!)

(spooge: hey! drink, drink, drink.)

mogis: hello? ... HEY?!

(swell: it's recording)

mogis: oh, it's recording. you mother fucker! what the hell are you doing? stop it! quit it now.

(spooge: drink, drink, drink. )

mogis: yes, bye bye.

opiate: jodi, jodi, it's your turn to speak.

jodi: quit it! he totally took your ace!

chuwie: i don't have it.

jodi: hello?

(swell: it's recording)

jodi: who is this? i don't know who this is? i have no idea who this is, but i hope you have a really great night and uhh.. yeah, get drunk ok.

spooge: he-ey...

(spooge: i'm a vagina, eat me!)

jodi: i'm a vagina, eat me.

spooge: i'm a vagina, eat me!”

Transcribed by: shakewell