March 2nd, 2006

blurred horizon


i've been having the most vivd dreams this week. the kind where you wake up and you'd be absolutely sure it had happened if it didn't involve $5000 you didn't have, a tattoo you obviously never got and 5 people who refuse to talk to you gabbing on about what good friends you are.

i dreamed i went to the mall with menlie, grant_steele, ryan and melissa, in menlie's green minivan (not at all un-reminiscent of strandme's family van i think). everyone but grant_steele was tripping. there were VIP entrances to the mall "to keep bums out" where you had to have a pass to go through this metal-detector-looking gate or you'd get shocked. you had to go through five of these to actually get in the mall. menlie and grant_steele walked right on through, despite the shocks, calling the guards fascists all the while. i made it through two, but these were some serious shocks and i couldn't take it. [this part of the dream was very reminiscent of effexor withdrawal and i very seriously hope that i'm not actually having those symptoms again.] i ran into stewbot and together we scaled some crazy architecture up to a restaurant on the second floor. there was a bar inside and it was a total melody inn atmosphere and crowd. in fact, it may have been the melody, only with carpet and a wait staff.

grant_steel drove home by way of the pass under the art's garden. they had a roller coaster with cars that looked like the space shuttle--same size and everything. [nasa is hoping for three launches this(?) summer. i will go to one.] i think there were some water slides and other stuff too. i was like, "whoa, i need to come downtown more often."

stewbot was living at riley towers, as were menlie and grant_steele (in separate apartments). when, stewbot got home, robert downey jr. was breaking into the apartment with oliver twist and his gang. stewbot was pretty cool about it, though, and let them hang out to play video games after they put all his stuff away.

at some point, jo3 was driving me around in my jeep (chauncey). he was driving like a grandma, but chauncey was overheating. jo3 wouldn't stop even though i was screaming at him and pummeling him with my fists. he just kept creeping along at 23 mph. we came to this hairpin u-turn and jo3 slammed on the brakes. even i could feel there was nothing left of the pads. we smashed into this chain link fence that you would have thought was made of steel from the impact we felt at such a low speed. even though the road turned, jo3 refused to follow the road and instead did something like a 20-point turnaround, smashing chauncey between that stupid fence and a tree every time he moved.

i dropped jo3 off in broad ripple and decided to stop at the scholar's inn bakehouse for some coffee and crumpets. (don't ask me. i have no idea where that came from or even what a crumpet is.) you had to enter the building through pizza express and walk through the tattoo parlor (which seemed like metamorphosis, only oriented east-west. i think it's odd that such a fact was part of my dream.) in order to get to the bakehouse. i guess i told the tattoo artist about my idea as i walked through. i got coffee at the bakehouse and sat down with joe leone. something happened to make me upset and i yelled, "joshua, don't do it, joshua." as i walked away, he grabbed my arm and turned me around. i said, "i know you're not him, joe." he let me go and i walked away. in the tattoo parlor, everything was ready to go for my set-up, though i seemed to have forgotten completely what my idea was. the tattoo was pretty funny. it said "low rider" in gothic letters across the small of my back. after they artist showed me the first letter's progress, i kept asking him if he was high because he thought it was such an awesome idea and ket having his co-workers come admire it and i thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever. when i left the shop, the side of my calf was bleeding like i'd gotten ink there instead.

you could also get to a mechanic through the pizza place, so i went in and purchased a $5000 radiator for chancey and asked them to check out the brake pads while they were down there. while they worked, i wandered off to a couple of house parties where i saw pretty much everyone i know (or everyone that knows me might be more accurate) from the EM scene around here and bloomington. i sat down to watch a movie and it was the sequel to happy gilmore. the public relations lady wasn't in it. also, happy consistently "failed to out-drive shooter mcgavin."