February 28th, 2006

man ray

last time i was up this early, i was still knocking back brews

euclid made sure i got up this morning by playing in his litter box for the last half hour. maybe not the greatest way to wake up on these dark winter days, but it's certainly not the worst either.

not sure if i mentioned it, but i went to one class last week and it turned out to be canceled. ops. i'm thinking about giving up sleeping-in for lent.

i made a joke last sunday (though it would have been funnier this sunday instead).
so, you're not going to church today?
how come?
i gave it up for lent.

it reminds me of when ben rogers used to tell people (and their parents) he gave up smoking for lent. (he didn't smoke.) that joke didn't generally go over well.

seriously though, there's a lot of stuff i plan on giving up this year. most of it is actually just shit i need to stop doing (or doing so much of). so, i feel like i need to find something else, something dear to me, to give up.

once again, i find it interesting that i choose to celebrate these religious holidays, when i'm not at all religious. it's a good idea behind them all though and very cleansing, even without that bit about god.

in other news:
my stomach hurts, i need a hair cut, my dad is driving a semi, euclid is getting fat, chauncey still needs a new radiator, i'm never telling another boy where i live, i've got some records in the mail, the electric blanket gives me nightmares, did i mention my stomach hurts?, i danced my ass off at the terry mulan show last week! (it's weird how when the urge to dance hits me, you'd never know from watching that the other 90% of the time i'm too scared to even bob my head.)

i need a nap already.

happy fat tuesday, jerks!
red handed

tag world

i was just looking at 7wounds's page and it reminded me of this tag on meridian: money is for jerks. and, of course, it looks like it was painted by a ten-year-old girl or something.

still, money IS for jerks.
go away

discussing disgusting

seriously. it just completely digusts me. first, that she would use someone just to take a stab at me. second, that she's 24 years old and still thinks this is acceptable behavior. and third, of course, that people love her for it.

all i hear about is how amazingly happy she is, but, just like every other bully, it turns out she's got to knock someone else down to feel that way.

congratulations. you're a fucking winner now.


on a somewhat related note, i sometimes wonder if i'm the only person in the world who loves yogurt but has to choke down the fruit pieces. i mean, if i wanted fruit (which i don't), i wouldn't buy it all smashed up like that. it's sickening!
lone star

(no subject)

lab was canceled. again.

you see, i just wasn't meant to attend class.


i got a letter in the mail today about how my student loan payments are looming in the not-so-distant future. talk about a real mood killer.

i'm pretty sure i'm going to have to take on a minor if not another major after this semester. i can't afford to be out of school yet.


so, lent... i think i'm going to do the 40 days stone-cold sober. not because i particularly care about my health and i want to live a long life, but mostly because i don't have faith in my ability to do it and i think that's totally fucked up. caffiene is also out. maybe soda in general. and swearing. sex is out too, but that's been out for a while, so it's no big loss at all.

i think it'd be kind of neat to spend the 40 days in seclusion. do some real soul searching. but i doubt i will.

blah blah blah...

i wish i had a camera. euclid is sleeping on his back on my lap with his head arched back to lie on my hands while i type. what a goof.

well, i'm going to go sit in the bathtub and do geometry, because that's how completely awesome i am. i know. i'd be jealous too.