January 25th, 2006


i just wanted to say

i'm really thankful for the friends i do have.

i know i spend a lot of time and energy fretting over the friends i've lost (because i just want to learn and grow), but i often forget to show my appreciation for the friends that stuck around and played it smart.

mc fleck
dj johnny utah
sion owen
linny mcskinny
sea monkey
the girl with the sexy mohawk (whose name i can't wrench out of my brain is amber!)



i'm going bowling tomorrow night. if you'll be in indy, you should be there! call call!


i never was good at that whole introducing friends to friends thing. now it's becoming an issue. fucking shit i suck. i'm sorry.
go away

all apologies

dear friends,

let me just apologize in advance for not meeting all the expectaions you will never tell me. please excuse me for not seeing the world as you see it and therefor not considering you needs/wants/desires.

you ride me for being pessimistic, but i just can't anticipate every possible scenario. if you can, mad props. you don't need me to tell you that you're a phenomenonally better person than i am.

much love.

bowling for balls

bowling for stitches

so it turns out it's league night at every bowling alley in town. awesome. glad i called ahead, though i wish i'd called a little further ahead and just not made the fucking plans.

so, yeah, fuck leagues.

on that note, i'd like to start the ipwib league bowling again. i use the term league pretty loosely here. we don't necessarily need teams of any sort, but i would like to make a regular event of it. though, it would be fun to have a league championship just for fun. so, i'm going to find a centrally located alley and discern a night/day that fits into most people's schedules most of the time AND isn't league night. then, i'll get back to you all.

i'm in it to win it, kids.

hey, i found this while looking for bowling images. god, i love those shockers.

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