January 17th, 2006


quarter-life crisis

happy birthday to my pal, ben smith, who will probably never read this journal. he's 25-years-old today. crazy. that's the kind of milestone that really makes you take stock of your life.

anyway, i'll be at the melody inn tomorrow to celebrate with him. there's a good chance i will get shit-faced buying the boy shots i can't afford and avoiding the cold stares of people i can't understand.

i'm terribly disappointed that i can't figure out a good present for ben. i hate that i don't know my new friends as well as i would like. it's not like shopping for the ipwib crew, where i don't even have to think about it. things just jump off the shelves screaming "i'm prefect of so-and-so."

i wish i could find the time to come to pistol city. i miss those kids.

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the heat is off

yeah, my electricity bill doubled this month. awesome. it's not like it's even warm in here.

so, i guess i'll be cutting the cable again. i'm sure it's for the best.

i've got to find a decent job [that will work around school]. i sure wish that loan would come in.