January 10th, 2006


she got her BS in teaching from pod 6 university

so, even though it's an 8 a.m. lecture, i thought my oceanography teacher seemed pretty alright. then we did a little group activity and everything changed.

we partnered up and were supposed to estimate how much of the planet's water is stored in each of these reservoirs: oceans, glaciers, lakes/rivers and groundwater. now, i took environmental and physical geology along with both the labs, so it's no surprise (to me) that i managed to learn a few facts here and there.

so, after a few minutes, the teacher asks for people to shout out their estimates for oceans. no one was talking, so i said, "ninety-seven."

"someone looked in the book," she frowned. then the whole class turned to look at me.

"yeah, i actually took geology last semester," i explained through the beginnings of a panic attack.

"well, what about groundwater--from someone who didn't look in the book?" she continued.

so, now my teacher and my whole class probably think i'm some sort of cheat. what an awesome way to start the semester! i really hope i can be a more conscientious teacher than that. in the mean time, you can bet your ass i'll be sitting in the back and not participating in this class ever again.

this whole thing really reminded me of that cunt, amanda nesbit, from the dial and left a really wicked burn in my stomach.