December 27th, 2005

blue stars

the loot

a 30 gig ipod (full of bumpin' choons) and universal dock from my brother & parents
a water color a day calendar from my aunt sandy, uncle bill & cousin david
a belt and some candy bars from my gramma & grampa
a card from my aunt katie, uncle bill & cousins billy, andy & colleen
a card from my niece sadie
butter rugs from stewbot
i hear stewbot's mom also got me something, but i don't know what it is yet.

and from my parents: the march of the penguins dvd (which i fell asleep to twice and have yet to finish), two big dark chocolate hershey bars, a camel back, a biking shirt, three photo albums & a ton of scrapbooking stuff.

and, since giving is more important than giving:

i got my niece the game set and some astrojax.
i got my brother the settlers of catan game.
i got stewbot some space invaders wall decals
i got a few people some gift certificates to evolving records, but i haven't delivered them yet. so, i won't mention any names here.

i've also been cobbling together a random assortment of goofy junk to give to this guy i'm crushing on, but i probably won't do it in the end because it's all just a little too silly.

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the broken word

remember when
i used to
like this
all the time?
people said
it was poetry,
but it wasn't.
just a backhanded
at ambiguity.

i don't know
i should
think of it
it was
more rewarding
when people had to
to understand
had to read
between the lines.
they seem to lose
when i spell it
all out.