December 26th, 2005



christmas is over. got some good loot. made some decent tips (but got gyped - by the owner - on some as well). it's been a long weekend. more tomorrow.

goodnight, santa.

no sleep / rejection hotline prank!

From: Paul Anthony

Date: Dec 25, 2005 6:19 PM

Subject: rejection hotline by high caliber and paul anthony

Body: for those of you who have heard the song rejection otline that me and high caliber was a song we did and we took my psycho ass bitch whore ex girlds voice mails and put them to a track..if you would like to hear it go to and get a clip of it......better yet if you want to actualy hear my ex girls voice you can call her at 219.873.9489, or219.873.3962or 219.873.4503 and ask for dirty bitch.... i think she will know who your looking for........well have a good holiday.... everyone should prank this hoe!!!!!!support your boy and tell her she aint shit! happy holidays -pa