November 12th, 2005

blue stars

even cowgirls get the blues

that thing i said before, about beating insomnia, yeah, not so much.

i downloaded some new episodes of grey's anatomy. i'd previously decided that i didn't particularly like the show at all, but since there's not much else to do at three in the morning, i watched them anyway. i still don't like it much, but i did just watch the most gut-wrenching episode of television i can ever recall seeing. wow. phew.

i haven't had a good cry in a minute. that shit got me at least two or three different times. it's good to know i can still cry. i thought maybe i'd lost that. i think that would be bad. melancholy. then i'd be as heartless as so many already think i am. i hate proving people right.

sleep sleep sleep sleep i just want to sleep

i was going to pick up a hitch hiker tonight. i really was. but the car in front of me stole him before i could even read all of his sign. i was heartbroken. seriously. i wish i had the wherewithall to convey to you that this may be the saddest tale i've ever told.
lonely girl

fools in love

to hear the disappointment in someone's voice when you call to tell them you're coming to town is unbearable. even bad reception can't hide that hurt. maybe it's not really disappointment, but it's certainly a lack of excitement. and maybe even frustration at the thought of having to catch up with someone you let go.

late at night, when i can't sleep, when i shuffle through the leaves on the street, bundled in ten layers of cozy comfort, i wonder what he's doing and why i should wonder such a thing at such a time. my mind grapples with why his words just ran out one day. the letters ceased and the phone stopped ringing. i fight the urge to fill the void with my own words, telling him he never has to say another word, because it isn't true. he has a lot of explaining to do.

tofurkey day recipes

hey! all you veg heads,

a friend of mine, sexymathteacher, is looking for some special recipes to serve for a vegetarian in her family this thanksgiving. i only know about stuff that comes in a box or can be made with the recipe off one of those boxes, so i thought some of you might have some more impressive kitchen creations i could send her way--particularly things made with tofu, etc. as i'm completely inexperienced with that aspect of vegetarian cooking. of course, if you have anything else to share as well, be my guest!

i'm not entirely certain whether she's looking for vegetarian or vegan dishes, so just share what you've got.

thanks so much guys!
party's over

it's so silly when ravers are mean via candy jewelery

i think it's funny when people ask me what i've been up to and i tell them i've been "pumping it up" because i've been working out to the ministry of sound pump it up fitness video.

i just remember when pumping it up meant something else entirely and even had it's own joke candy bracelet.

i also remember when beatfreak made her triffles candy.

/me chuckles.


almost completely unrelatedly, does anyone remember the '96 all-school play performance of the sting? just thinking of the way ulf thieman(sp?) said the word "jewelery" kills me. jew-el-er-ry in that ridiculous german accent.


/me loves it.