November 11th, 2005


pinochle sandwich

i wish that you (all of you, any of you, one of you!) played pinochle. i just endured the most ridiculous ordeal on yahoo! games and all over the first lousy bid of the game. i'd tell you about it, but it would be a lot of work to explain for not that much funny (since you still won't care about pinochle at all).

also, it would be nice to be able to play in real life.

you know, that would be one of the best presents ever if three of my friends learned to play (double deck!) pinochle and played it with me on special occasions (like my birthday or giftmas!). of course, i don't really expect that to happen. it's about as likely as me learning to play bridge instead of watching my dad play alone. (god, i'm a jerk. (though bridge is complicated, damn it!))

i've got one lonely pinochle deck in my closet. never opened. it double sucks because i only know how to play double deck pinochle and not single deck. though, i don't figure it would be all that difficult to transfer my skills.

i will say pinochle has ruined me for euchre, because i can't seem to remember that 10s are the second lowest card in euchre and not the second highest, as they are in pinochle.

i think i'll enjoy when josh wooten moves to town and i can play euchre with him, james boone and samantha (boone's live-in lady friend). it'll be like old times, except we probably won't be drinking kamchatka and angie won't be there to fall asleep with her head in the oven while she hides from boys.


i don't miss the old days. i miss the way i thought things would be now.

(dream) roundabout

i woke up and i heard music, which was odd, because i only cued up two episodes of futurama last night. upon closer inspection, i determined that it was yes's roundabout being played on a piano, which is odd, because i live alone and i doubt many other tenants have pianos in their apartments.

god damn it. i'm dreaming.

my dad wakes me up when he asks, "did we wake you with the piano? eli's getting pretty good."

fuck. still dreaming.

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