November 7th, 2005

blurred horizon

no sleep 'til brooklyn

i can't sleep. i got burned out on futurama while mt dvd player was incapacitated these last couple of weeks. now it just annoys the hell out of me. what am i to do?

i tried to break my spirit with some statistics homework, but it was no use. i still don't understand a goddamn thing i'm doing in those assignments, but i still have no problems getting the right answers. what the fuck ever.

i've been practicing japanese again. saying it out loud as i write on my dry erase board. i like to make up dialogs to a) practice thinking on the spot (and in japanese) and 2) make up for the lack of speaking i do conversationally in real life.

to be honest, my social skills are quite exhausted. i was being careful to pace myself on the guest appearances, but other people wrenched up my plans by trapping me and manipulating me. it's cool. i survived without freaking out too much. i just hope they enjoy this cold shoulder too, though, because i definitely need a break.

that said, i'm supposed to be hyping up the vapour lounge in slater's absence. of course, i don't know who's spinning or when. and i can't afford to drink. but, if anyone wants to go out, i'll go with. no cover. half-priced stoli. house and dnb djs on tap. vip reservations available.


i don't know if you've noticed. but it seems to be christmas already. i hate that shit.

also, my christmas list is far too adult this year. curtains and rods. bed sheets and duvet cover.

someone buy me some drugs. let's have a party.