November 2nd, 2005


girl fight and fisticuffs

last night, i got to mediate a lot of different girl fights and then i nearly got myself into one as well. i think i did pretty well with the mediating part. i couldn't really stop anyone from running their mouths, but i kept the punches at bay and managed to get people separated before anyone got thrown out of the bar. i'm sure i would have been terrible at the fighting part, seeing as how i've a) never been in a fight and 2) never even seen a fight in real life, but there was a moment there was i was ready to jump into it if i had to.

it's weird, but kind of neat to be friends with girls who would actually have your back in a fight. hell, it's weird just to be friends with girls who'll have your back just when someone is talking shit about or to you. i don't even know nikol that well and i knew practically nothing about the situation that started it all last night, but when that bitch started bring up shit in the moment that i did know about, i was on it to defend nikol. i think it's great that i could tell the difference between standing up for the truth and standing up for my friend. it's a distinction that probably would have been less appreciated by others had push come to shove over something else, but, luckily, it didn't come to that.

still, blind love (faith in a flawed human being) is fucking stupid and i'm glad i can remember that, even after half a bottle of stoli. (yeah, menlie, i drank your back-up birthday present. lol. i fucking suck.)

you know, i'm sure it's for the best that it didn't, but i wish a fight would have broken out last night. i really think that's an experience i need in my life. it's not like i'm a violent person. i don't want to get in fights all the time. i'd just like to know what to expect if it ever does happen someday. and last night would have been a great learning experience, one where i'd surely be on the winning side.

oh well. jail, while also a potentially worthwhile learning experience, is not something i'm quite ready for.