October 24th, 2005

party's over

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so, the scheduled departure time was 12pm on saturday. i got out of bed after 11 and kristen called me shortly thereafter to inform me that she need to go shopping for some things and we'd be leaving after 4. around 2, she called back to say she had one more thing to do and it would only be about another hour. at 3, i still hadn't heard from her, but i drove down to her place, figuring it wouldn't be too much longer. at 4, she said she was on her way home, but we were going to be taking another girl along with us (who would pay for gas and chip in on the hotel). after kristen and fleck packed and cleaned the car, we were still getting the run around from this other girl who was waiting on her sugar daddy to return from kentucky. kristen decided we're leaving at 6, with or without this trick. just before we leave, the girl calls to tell us she found another ride and just wants to meet up later so she can stay at the hotel.

so we're on the road at 6. fleck had to piss twice before we got stuck in our first traffic jam (still in indiana), where we got held up for close to an hour i think. then fleck had to piss again. then we hit more construction right as all the ohio state fans were returning home. that was another half hour maybe. then fleck had to pee and kristen needed to eat.

i think we made it to the hotel around 10:30. there were some deals to be made and check-in of course. then we just kind of chilled in the room for a while to relax after that god awful drive. (did i mention we only had 2 cds to listen to?)

we left for the party around 12. found an excellent parking place. fleck tried to sneak in the side door. no go. there was still a line of at least 100 people when we got there. fleck went to see if he was on the guest list. he wasn't, but by going in the guest list line, he got to cut in front of everyone. so the rest of us followed suit.

of course we couldn't find fleck when we got in. and kristen and i lost the rest of our group while we waited to be searched by the female security. we searched for fleck, but the place was totally packed it was nearly impossible to move at times. (it was during this time that i completely missed seeing that crazy-ass paladin.) miraculously, we passed fleck going through the worst bottleneck in the place. so, we camped out near the front for dieselboy's set around 1.

to be honest, the combination of the crowd, the heat and the drum and bass was a little overwhelming for me. i really just wanted to sit down, but i didn't feel like losing my group, forcing someone else to sit with me or getting mixed up in some goddamn cuddle puddle.

finally, as glaude came on, i was starting to get comfortable and i was debating if i wanted to dance near or away from my friends. minutes later, the cops were ushering everyone out. we managed to get our whole group out the side door and to our cars before the traffic ensued.

at the hotel, we realized not a single one of the people we knew had a goddamn cd player, so we were stuck with janky-ass clock radios and vh1. it was pretty terrible. still, we managed to cram everyone we (they) knew into one room and proceeded to drink/smoke/roll ourselves silly. considering how much i hate meeting new people, talking, and getting kicked out of parties that cost me $25, i had a pretty fucking great time with these cats. i got to hear a ton of hilarious stories, and that's always fun. plus, i dunno, it felt sort of good to be somewhere new with new people. funny how things change!

the sun was up by the time we made it back to the room and went to bed. it was at least 8 before i even closed my eyes and tried to sleep. our wake up call was at 1:45 and our check out time was 2, but we got a terribly rude awakening at 11 informing us that the hotel owner (who wasn't even on the premises) wanted everyone (though they didn't knock on every door) out because there was so much damage. we had 5 minutes to get our before the police would "gladly help us out." so, we cleaned up the room and hit the road.

we made good time coming home and arrived just after fleck's cell phone alarm went off for our our original wake up call time.

all in all, i had a good time. of course, i wish we hadn't be separated from fleck, the party hadn't been shut down and the hotel hadn't been a fucking douche kazoo, but i'm glad we made the most of the night anyway. the car ride wasn't terribly awkward and kristen and fleck were good about making sure i was entertained elsewhere while they went to the room for some private time. so, if anyone made anyone else feel awkward this trip, i have no doubt it was me to them. ops. i'll polish these social graces sometime. maybe. anyway, fleck and kristen both mentioned hanging out again soon, so i couldn't have been too bad. or maybe they're just really nice/polite.
party's over

sextasy [miraasan]

i know it makes me a total slut and that's fine. but i forgot how totally amazing sex on ecstasy is. i forgot how fun and exciting sex with new people could be.

the funny thing is, i don't feel bad for having sex with (practical) strangers. i feel bad that i let other people make me feel guilty for enjoying what i do. i mean seriously, few things in my life make me very happy at all. but connecting with people is something that really makes me feel like i have something worth being alive for. it's not like i hook up with people just for the sex. i don't fuck random guys i can't stand just so i can get some action. i find them attractive, not just physically, but emotionally. and even if we never talked again, these one night stands are a lot more rewarding than most of my past relationships.

i'd rather sleep with a hundred random dudes who treat me good for a night than go crawling back to another pathetic ex-boyfriend.

and, i'm generally fairly careful, but it's not like i really care. i mean, i've had a death wish for as long as i can remember. getting knocked up or saddled with some gross disease is all the excuse that i need. which is fine, because a few nights of irresponsible happiness is better than a life of desolate, celibate misery.

i wasn't born to die an old maid. an old anything, really.

it's getting close.

great costume idea!

miss conception:
get an old prom dress and fix up your hair and make-up like you're a beauty contestant. place a pillow under the dress to make yourself look "in the family way." add a sash across your chest that says "miss conception."

say, what did my pageant sash say?