October 1st, 2005

love you, bitch

house party 2

i tried to be social tonight, but i really just don't have much to say to people. i can see why i get pinned as stuck up a lot. people tonight probably didn't think that, but i wouldn't be surprised if they thought i was just being polite yet uninterested.

i don't think it's that i have a personality people dislike. i don't think there's any personality at all. i dunno. i'm biased. obviously, i wouldn't have been invited if someone didn't at least like me a little bit.

i think i'm afraid of becoming friends with girls again. don't get me wrong. i love these ladies. but that never stopped them before, ya know.

but you can't win if you don't bet or something...

i tell you what though, for all the couples that were in and out of that party, i didn't witness one single actual fight/argument. i won't say the seeds weren't sewn, but they kept that drama at home.

god it's good to get out of madison. shit.
prescious things


i worried a little on the drive down about how awkward the house party could potentially be for me because kristen and i thought menlie wasn't coming. but i was fine a kristen's and joewelie's. i didn't feel like i had to hang on anyone's coat tails or hide out.

i'd like to pretend this had something to do with me getting better, but i really attribute it to these kids making me feel totally comfortable. they are the chillist mother fuckers i've ever known.

makes me feel pretty bad about being such a judgmental bitch, right?

house choons

after hearing another dj spin some of the same records i own last night, i've decided i have really excellent taste in house music.