September 22nd, 2005


bonds unbreakable by time and distance

for all the friends i inadvertantly shit on and turn away, there's always one who'll call me up out of nowhere to tell me there's something i do for them that no one else can substitute.

i think that says a lot more about me than the dramatized fallouts so characteristic of this journal.


"the sadness of the solution is the problem" - me in josh wooten's dream. (bloody mary, tomoato juice x3 = saddness, yogi's, car bombs, atreyu, artax, swamps of sadness, bit, open mic, rescue)

was andy griffith in south carolina?

i dreamed of andy griffith again. i wasn't him this time, he was my dad. and he wasn't a sherriff, he was either a construction worker or demolition expert.

i dreamed a z99.5 truck was driving out on michigan and giving away colts tickets to people who found the little colts charms they dropped off the back of the truck. it was snowing and i picked up the charm with my teeth.

dave smiley followed me into my apartment and got the first three digits of my phone number.

also, batman was trying out to be catwoman in order to protect his identity.

i don't think my feet touched the ground more than once in these dreams. (that one time being when i narrowly escaped being blown up with the bridge because some zidiot in front of me was taking his sweet time getting out of my way.) i did a lot of floating and flying the rest of the time. pretty neat. but i dream about a lot of spiderwebs being up in high places and i don't much like spider webs.