September 21st, 2005


i find it quite interesting that people get intensely upset over things they say do not matter

i would much rather chronicle the mundane trivialities of my life and reflect upon the personally inconsequential events of other people's lives than go out and actually live an exciting life. perhaps that is because the exciting bits of my life tend to infest and overtake the mundane mass, which, though i loathe now, i require for a respectable and responsible future. the importance of balance is not lost on me, but the practice does seem to be.

my first exam is tomorrow. i should be worried, but i am not at all. it's entirely possible that this is due to the fact that i've resolved myself to failure. it's unclear to me whether or not this is an advancement or setback in my fight against this damn disease. i'm not even sure i care anymore.

i miss my parents, today, and chocolate chip cookies.

i will never, ever, ever eat hot wings again. they tasted good. but they left my mouth on fire afterward and my ass on fire about an hour later. score!

i felt so bad for my statistics professor today. it's a huge class, but everyone shows up late and leaves early. no one participates at all. today, i shouted out some wrong answers (because i showed up late and didn't get the handout). he seemed to appreciate it. i'm glad i could help him out, because he was looking so sad i wanted to cry.

i ordered some clothes online recently. they weren't expected to ship for three weeks, but, miraculously, they shipped today. i'm so excited! i love mail. and i love new clothes. and i love getting stuff early, too.

well, bob evans, it's dinner time.
night sky

i must really miss color guard

color guard rehersal, small gym @ jr. high, occasionally under water, fillings falling out, kayla hawkins, state band auditions, baritone horns, sara miller, the tommy routine, spencer-pierce was very skinny, pale and wearing sweatpants.

the part about losing fillings was so weird i had to get up to check the dream dictionary.