September 18th, 2005

bored saves OR "why don't i put a paper bag on my head so no one has to look at my face"

i had a grand old time in pistol city last night. eli and bridgette kelly drove down with me and we met up with chuwie, quarantine, viealet, brent, jodi, larry and matt. beatfreak also made a late appearance, but i wouldnt really call it a social visit.

several cans of sparks and many a beer were consumed. matt was harassed via voice mail and kris chambers' presence was formally requested. five people crammed in the bridgette's volkswagen bug. arrested development was enjoyed. the office, not so much. brent dazzled us all with his rendition of his 8th grade marching cadence. delicious avers barbeque chicken pizza was delivered. the dictionary was consulted many times. bridgette fainted twice due to low blood sugar. ladyman's served up a most excellent brunch with not too much wait.

reunions are grand. hangovers and lack of comfortable sleeping arrangements are not.

i hate making newcomers feel left out while reminiscing, but i love looking back and laughing at all the good times.

bridgette is a lot more like me than i remembered. it's funny. and i love her.


in other news, i got a parking ticket and i am incredibly upset by it. i'll tell you more after i bitch out the property manager tomorrow. anyway, it's my first parking ticket ever and it's total bullshit!

ironies abound OR i'm not trying to be a bitch, either, but... oh wait. i am.

out of a courtesy to my brother, i wasn't going to discuss here how beatfreak acted last night, but, since she's already thrown a fit about it in her journal, i hardly see the point now.

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beatfreak was complaining that all too often people say the agreeable thing to her (i'll call you, we'll hang out this weekend, etc.) and then flake out on her.

shakewell said: Subject: I'm not trying to be a bitch, but...

your behavior borders on that psychotic edge as it is, i can't imagine how bad you'd flip out if someone told you something you didn't want to hear.

beatfreak said: Subject: I'm not trying to be a bitch, either, but... oh wait. I am.

Wow. That's a really rich thing to hear coming from your mouth. /My/ behavior borders on psychotic? I guess it takes one to know one.

and, of course, then she deleted me from her friends list.

i really wasn't trying to be a bitch. it really didn't occur to me that this would turn pretty much prove my case in point and beatfreak would get so offended by me sharing a very common opinion of her in order to shed light on why people treat her the way they do. (i wouldn't actually say this behavior was at all psychotic, but i would say it's inflammatory and entirely out of proportion, which leads me to expect similar disproportionate responses in increasingly more serious interactions.) i was honestly only trying to help her out and i ended right back up in the same black hole as before, just with a new center of gravity this time.

even though this ended up with her sharing a similar unfavorable opinion of me (as if i care) and locking me out of her journal/life, i'm still glad i don't sugar coat my dealings with people or pussy foot around the issues i have with them (which is exactly what beatfreak was asking for in her rant against flakes).

be careful what you ask for, i guess.