September 13th, 2005

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steak and shake: the story

last night i went to see bad news bears with stewbot. i was hungry when we went, but we didn't have time to eat before the last show started. all through the movie, i was envisioning a delicious brownie sundae from steak and shake.

after the flick, we stopped at the nearest steak and shake and we thought it was going to be alright because it was not the steak and shake downtown, which is always either full of some convention goers or mostly empty with just a smattering of bums who will harass you endlessly for money.

no such luck.

the sign said to wait to be seated, so we waited a minute or so. then the waitress came out and told us to seat ourselves. it looked like they haven't bussed anything in hours, so there weren't a lot of options. we sat down in a booth with one place mat, no silverware and no dinner menus (none of the tables had menus). it did have a dessert menu, though.

even after i'd gone to the bathroom and come back no one had been by to set up our table. i perused to desserts and was very upset to find they put walnuts in their brownies. it's not that i don't like walnuts. it's a texture thing. stewbot put it best, "i don't like crunchy things in my soft things."

after that, i just stared down the staff while we waited hoping to get their attention when the finally did look our way. but the waitress was busy complaining about the schedule, the manager was busy explaining the schedule and scratching his back against the wall like a bear and the line cook was not so busy at anything except mexican (more on this later).

at the table in the next aisle over, there was this real haggard and trashy looking couple. i guess they'd ordered some fries and then had changed their minds about the size. so, the woman was hollerin' (i use that word because it's really the best characterization) at them to make sure they hear her and they understood and whatnot. but she had this really child-like, girlish voice. it kind of creeped me out. and the way she spoke even made her sound like a child.

i don't know how long we sat there. could have been 10 to 15 minutes or so. one of three tables, and i couldn't get a single glance in our direction. i doubt the even looked up when we left.

since i was still hungry and not up for white castle, we gave the drive through a go. we waited at the speaker for a car in front of us. then the mexican got on and asked for our order. when i was two-thirds through, he interrupted me and asked me to wait. at least i think that's what he asked; he was pretty hard to understand himself. so, wait i did. then someone else got on and asked me to repeat the entire order. again, we waited at the window for the car in front of us. and, of course, we waited there for our order as well.

surprisingly, they did get our order right. i'm sure it's because that poor little guy who took our order and took our money also made our sandwiches and bagged everything up. i know this, because he didn't bother to take his gloves off until after he took the money (but before he made the second sandwich).

i'd gotten cheese fries and i knew i wouldn't eat them if they were cold when we got back to my apartment (still 20 minutes away), so we ate in the car. i wanted to take it back inside and eat at our booth, but stewbot was tired and i didn't think it was fair for me to put him through my tantrum.

i'm totally calling corporate and the store today. jerks.
go away

need not apply

hey there i really like your pic! your cute! im bryan 25 from the east part of indy. im on here looking for friends and to meet people. im also on here hopeing to meet someone that will let me explore a foot fetish i have with their feet. lol would u like to chat sometime?


i've never been such a girl in my life

there's an interesting (and embarrassing) story behind this, but this is all you get for now. meet buggsy, the reason i can't eat, the reason i can't turn the air conditioning off and open my windows and the reason i probably won't sleep tonight.

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