September 12th, 2005

spaced out

dr. strangedream, or how i learned to stop worrying and love the nightmare

my dreams this morning were like a damn madison reunion, a parade of fools. adam center, grethcen schroeder (for president!), rosalind herrell, angela hamilton, katie and emily strandmark, jennifer carpanini, william spencer-pierce, lisa maas, eli miller, linda lawrence, blake thomas, wes abplanalp, jaqueline hughs and brandy somebody that used to wear silver hoop earrings everyday and wanted to beat me up. there was a casino in an above-ground swimming pool, swim practice in an empty pool, 8-inch subs in my jeep, a poetry class in the journalism room, the strandmarks' house was laid out in the reverse direction than real life, goofy gold stars on the tops of the color guard's flag poles, i had to carry 12' x 2" x 4" from the jr. to the sr. high, two huge golf tee sculptures near the tennis courts and much, much more!

i woke up every time the air conditioner switched on and off, so i wouldn't say there was a lot of plot to this one. but i did carry those 2x4s around everywhere, because i couldn't remember where my locker was or what the combination was either. (not completely atypical for my high school career, by the way.)

i also dreamed about holding people hostage in some rest stop tourist attraction basement near yellowstone. we watched "blade runner II" that had some hilarious subtitle, but i can't remember it now.

we escaped the police with some help from buffy the vampire slayer and went to shaquille o'neal's house party. we gave him some really fancy car and drove it to marsh to get some cold stone ice cream, but they were sold out. so i got chunky monkey instead. back at shaq's place we all worked out to the pump it up video.

later, we shot a rocket into space and shot missiles at the moon. christopher walken rode one of the missiles much like ol' boy in "dr. strangelove, or how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb."

so, sushi!

tonight, i had sushi for the very first time with boone and his lady friend sam. for the most part, it was really excellent.

we went to the bistro chopstix on illinois and were pleasantly surprised to find we came during happy hour, which meant half-priced sushi for dinner--a totally plus. half-priced sushi meant that we could try out a lot of different things for my sake (boone and sam already knew what they liked.) we got spicy tuna, spicy california, maui, alaska, arizona and rainbow rolls.

the spicy tuna was really good, but that's boone's favorite, so i only got one piece. the spicy california was also good, but not as much so. the maui (which is the one i picked out (because it had fried shrimp instead of raw fish)) was the fucking bomb.

the alaska roll looked scary and it took me about ten minutes to actually take a bite. when i did, i totally gagged at least five times, but i made myself swallow it. truthfully, i'm surprised i didn't barf on the table. the arizona looked the same, but in different colors, so i didn't even bother. and the rainbow roll was wrapped in fish slices so i didn't figure i could stomach that either.

i'm pretty weird about food textures and, let me tell you, cold, raw fish is not a particularly appetizing texture to me. at least i tried, though. i'm giving myself props for that.

we're going back wednesday to try out some more stuff. and then i'm going to try to go back sometime next week also, because they're getting a new sushi chef and i figure i owe him a try too.

for the record, i though the miso soup left much to be desired. it wasn't terrible or anything, but it's not as good at the miso soup at sakura. also, i didn't know whether to get ginger or sweet wasabi dressing for my salad, so the waitress brought me both. it turns out they are quite good in combination.