September 11th, 2005

broken wings

i miss the indy def squad

ugh. statistics. i am so ridiculously bad at it that i honestly can't believe it. and the textbook is no help whatsoever. i guess i'll be at office hours tomorrow. and every other day for the rest of the semester.


so, this weekend, i had a boy tell me about a hundred times that i was beautiful and interesting. anymore, it's not that i don't believe he means what he says; it's that i can't believe he thinks i would care.

my life perspective is so completely warped.

oh well, i'm more content and less anxious than i can ever remember being, since i first began being anxious and discontent. so, however abnormal it seems, it works for me and that's what really matters.


upcoming events

thursday // the faint @ the vogue, vapour lounge
saturday // pistol city