September 7th, 2005



i dreamed i gave birth to twins.
i really want a piece of chocolate cake.
i'd settle for some tiramisu.
my grandparents are AWESOME!
statistics will be the death of me.
becca rocks and is a better friend than i am.
did i mention the cake?
i fear i'm becoming an eco-nazi, but i think it's a good thing.
i get my geology project ideas from west wing episodes.
i forgot to rsvp for howl at the moon. ops!

come to this instead:

Friday, September 9:::Hurricane Relief Event:::9:00pm:::$5

DJ Lineup
Dave Owen & Johnny Utah (DnB) 9pm-11pm
the freaky afronaut (House) 11pm-12:00am
Adam Jay (Techno) 12:00am-1:00am
Seth & Mack (Progressive) 1:30am- to ???

VJ Benji Ramsey supporting visual entertainment (Anaphase Design)

1119 E. Prospect Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203