September 2nd, 2005

prescious things

friday freedom

i like to lay around in bed on fridays, not because i'm exhausted from dancing and staying up all night, not because i drank too much and got hungover (i'm actually not hungover), but because i don't have anything at all to do on fridays and i can.

the freedom to live life as you please is so comforting.

stacy kidd was great. catching up and dancing with menlie was awesome. apparently, a lot of people like to watch us shake our hot little asses. cool with me. someone told me that i "won best dressed for the night." i found that amusing. it's good to know there's a least some reward for sacrificing pockets to fashion. i got a lot of free drinks. i got a job offer. i gave out my number (and am regretting it already ). ("men who call too much are the worst.") i talked and danced a lot with joe leone(sp?), who cut all his hair off too! i got a lot of compliments on my hair. now, i don't need people to like my hair--they don't have to live with it--but i like when they do. and i also talked with slater for a few and got a nice hug.

tomorrow, to a russian party with my brother i might go. (he says that's how his russian friends talk and it's rubbing off on him.)


i've got a multitude of bug bites and it's driving me batty.


i've been trying to keep up with the katrina news, but it makes me cry. i can't do it anymore. i'm reminded of the sick, sick feeling i got after 9/11. i tried reading other news and then came a cross more flood pictures from switzerland and i read that more than 1000 muslims died in a stampede when rumors spread that there was a suicide bomber among the pilgrims.

somedays, i just can't deal with the real world.
a tree falls in the forest


i hate that so much of it was preventable. i hate that even after 9/11 people take possible doomsday and worst-case scenarios so lightly because the events are so unlikely.

we just keep reassuring ourselves that it won't happen this time. it won't happen to us.

people say i'm a pessimist and that it's a bad thing, but i find it leaves me pleasantly surprised when things go right and comfortably assured in my contingency plans when they don't.

it upsets me that people think they victims are not getting help because they're poor. that is the issue, but not in the way that the outcry is swinging. rich and powerful people know they'd never get away with just leaving a bunch of poor people for dead. the problem is, rich and powerful people just don't see or comprehend the issues that the poor were/are facing.

they didn't think about people living paycheck to paycheck (or off government stipends(?)) depleting their funds at the end of the month. or about how people had more family members than seats in a car (if they even owned a car) and state troopers were punishing people for seat belt violations, etc. they didn't think about people who couldn't afford bus tickets and hotel rooms to get out before the storm hit. (they say people refused to leave, when, in reality, they simply didn't have the means!)

there should have been a mandatory, free and complete evacuation because katrina was coming in at category 5 and those levees were built for a category 3 and had only gotten weaker as lake levels rose over the years.

i mean... i know hindsight is 20/20. but a year ago someone predicted this and they still didn't have a plan in place. a week ago they thought it was going to be as bad as they come, but they didn't get the people out.

it makes me so sick. so sad.

amd, really, who's idea was it to center a million-plus metropolitan area in a bowl below sea level, sandwiched between a big ass lake, the mississippi river and the freaking gulf of mexico?! yeah, i get that it's a port and there's oil in the gulf and there's history and culture, but it seems so stupid to heavily populate such a hazard-prone area in an age of men where we don't need to be so closely tied, physically speaking, to our means of industry.

i'm sorry i'm ranting.