August 31st, 2005

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new candidate for the worst pick up "line" ever

Hello my name is Kris i'm a single and looking 26 year old male from southeastern indiana I'm currently not allowed to drive cuz i had a serious car accident and i recieved a bruised brain and my doctor told me not to drink anymore and i did. So i'm not allowed to drive until january and i'm currently living at my parents cuz me and my ex broke up. I would like to get into a faithful relationship. I am a good guy i try to do everything that the woman wants me to do. when we go out on a date i would always ask you what you want to do Cuz your opinion counts ALOT to me. Once we fell in love i would call you everyday and let you know i love you cuz i fall in love quick and i'm not afraid to tell you how i feel. I hope you dont care i'm at my parents right now and not driving . We can work through this if your the perfect woman i hope you are Cuz i would love to chat with you and see if we have a chance in meeting and then we will know if we want to date. Please get back with me soon cuz i cant wait.


kept awake by big think

i just took geology classes because i knew they'd be easy science credits for me, but i'm working on a position paper about human population growth and consumption. i think i can turn it in for my physical geology project points, but that's not why i'm writing it. i'm writing because i'm really interested in this issue.

i think that it's amazing that a blow off class got me sincerely interested in the real world.

it's not like i think i can solve the problem. in fact, i think it's unsolvable--short of mass casualties on a global scale. and i think that's what interests me the most. people need to realize that we're totally fucked. otherwise, they'll never change.
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and today's runners up

what is up? you look good!!! love to trade a few e-mails, maybe hook up sometime
x, mike


Hey, you are gorgeous!! Where ya at? I'm going to school at IUPUI so I'm downtown all the time. do you want to chat? What are your screen names? Do you drink?party? make out with hot internet men lol? rock climb? like sublime ? Sorry, I think I asked too many questions!

Hit me back when you have time,