August 30th, 2005

spaced out

i dreamed... was the middle of winter. driving up keystone, ice on the roads and 10-foot swells on the white river. also, the seat was too close to the dash while i was driving the metro.

...spooge, overlord, igg, my dad and i went camping at spring mill. the boys were racing 4-wheelers down sequoias and seeing who could explode into the most pieces. there were dead deer everywhere. i tried to leave but the valley walls were too steep to climb. my brother set fire to some trees and there were geese living in the stumps. i pleaded for him to put the embers out because the geese kept burning their beaks and feathers. he thought it made them look cool.

...i was hanging out with shania twain after a concert and she invited me to a vera wang tea party the next day. i couldn't go because i can't afford vera wang dresses. i stayed behind and met all these rich 20-somethings who looked like they could easily afford vera wang dresses, but prided themselves on self-restraint.

...i was a twice-divorced woman who lived on the beach with a baby and a dog. my friend set me up on blind dates everyday. then i met this total robert redford-type and went running off into the sunset.

...dom won a lawsuit against my geology professor and lab instructor. he said he had "the skis to prove it" and he did.