August 9th, 2005

twist and shout

i practically made my hairdresser cry

i cut my hair. all of it. i fucking love it. i can't believe i was fretting about what you (all-inclusive) would think of it. i couldn't care less, because i'm completely satisfied with it. really.

in addition to the makeover, i took myself on a hot date tonight. it went swimmingly. i think i might stay over. *wink, wink*

now, i'm going to sit back, spin records in my panties, enjoy my summer vacation and sip on this deliscious d'peach mode jones soda. (my they sho' am tasty!)

g'night, bitch(es)!
night sky

it used to be

it would have ruined my day. i would have agonized over it and tried to understand it until my head hurt too much. i'd have begged to hear her make it make sense. i'd have pleaded my case to deaf ears. i'd have gone running back out of guilt, trying to right a wrong i never made.

now i'm going to write it off and turn the page.

panties in the mix, say what?!