July 21st, 2005

mix tapes are love


i know i've said i don't really like surprises, but that's a lie. i don't like knowing that a surprise is coming. today, i got a total surprise in the mail from a total stranger. the mystery of it all is completely intriguing, but in a fun kind of way.

so, i received my first (and probably only) mix tape in the "choons for chauncey" series. as a bonus, it also came with cd for when chauncey shifts gears, drives on into the technology age and gets a cd player. i am highly anticipating my drive tonight!!

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i'll let you know my final verdict on the mix tomorrow, but my preliminary position is quite favorable. (pixies, cure, william shatner, rocky horror, refreshments - come on!!)

as an aside, i've never heard of "smoosh," but i am totally in love with that name.