June 26th, 2005

twist and shout

full flava

thank you, menlie, for dancing with me.
thank you, grant_steele, for driving my drunk ass around.
thank you, dom, for saving me from that super freak who wanted to bump uglies.
thank you, jo3, for not showing up tonight.
thank you, robert butt, for long island iced tea.
thank you, slater hogan for inviting me to your after party and making me feel 'leet (and also for giving me a hug instead of a handshake).

i danced so much i soaked my wife beater with sweat. i just really, really had a good time tonight. even though it was kind of a shitty venue with super shitty high drink prices, i had a blast. maybe it was the people. maybe it was the music. maybe, just maybe, it was just me this time...

for once in my life, i was comfortable in my own skin. i think the way that feels to me is probably inconceivable to those of you who've felt that way at least once in the first two decades of your life.

believe it or not, i actually have far more worthwhile things to discuss here, but not tonight. tonight, i scale the roof and watch the stars fade into the sunrise.
mc d's


remember when it used to be practically impossible to wake up in time for a fast food breakfast? i miss those days. here i am, in all probability still drunk, going on--at most--five hours of sleep after a 24-hour day. why, oh why, must i wake up so early that, while a mcdonalds' #2 and an ice cold coca cola are all that i a desire, i'm stuck waiting for the mcmuffin and hash brown trail to peter out? i mean, what else is there to do on recovery sunday but think about how tired, drunk, sick and hungry you are?

i've been pretty adamant about never going to see paul oakenfold before, but i think i will make an exception for talbott street on the 11th. it's a little bit of a desire to show some support for anyone who tries to bring decent acts here, but, mostly, i just want to dance. maybe this time i'll actually venture off the main dance floor too; i hear the rest of the bar is pretty nice too.


i don't suppose you can even order pizzas this early in the god damned morning either. christ.