June 20th, 2005


potentially gross girly stuff - read at your own risk

today, i saw my cervix on the television. no, really. it's true. it is very, very small. the thought of passing a baby through that thing is inconceivable to me. eek. eek.

anyway, i don't have cancer at the moment. they biopsied a sample from higher up in the canal, but everything i saw on the surface looked a-ok.

now i get to have pap smears every six months. my doctor told me i should consider my next visit (in december) a christmas present to myself. what a card! and i guess a year from now i'll call it my birthday present to myself too. sheesh.

the highlight of the afternoon was seeing "pod 6" at the hospital. i don't really know what it means there, but i know what it means to me, so i took a picture with the cell. i'd upload it here for you folks, but i've completely forgotten how to do so. ops.

as you might imagine, i'm kind of having a crummy day. sure, i don't have cancer and i'm extremely releived to know that, but i'm at a higher risk for cancer and that leaves me quite anxious. also, my girl parts are all kinds of sore. *sob*

i want to get some cold stone tonight, but don't want to go alone. anyone interested? i'm still too much of a pussy to use the fucking phone.