June 8th, 2005


indy def squad

i was inducted into my bicycle gang today. i love it. except for the bugs in my face, i had a blast riding around with menlie. i'm really hoping to make it a regular event.

we sat in the bed of her truck and ate ice cream under the stars. it reminded me of all those fabulous summer nights i spent with my real friends back in madison. i'm glad i have friends who convince me to leave the house. i'm glad i have friends who both talk and listen. i'm super glad i have friends who don't need drugs in order to have a deep conversation.


i think i may just do dinner with the 'rents this weekend. i've got another three day weekend after that, so it would be better suited for celebrations. not that i have any actual plans, of course.

i'm really happy today. i just feel like it was a seriously good day. i know it's hard to belive, but i'm smiling.

(blastzone.jpg has made a comeback. do you love it?)