May 11th, 2005


food for thought

walking home from class today, i was thinking about barbecue sauce and i noticed that saying the word in my mind makes my mouth water just like the word pickles does. then i started to wonder if maybe i was so hungry that all words food-related were going to get my taste buds amped up, so i thought about tomatoes. no dice.

so far bbq and pickles are the only foods that trigger salivation for me. now, i do love pickles, but i don't think i appreciate bbq sauce on nearly the same level at all. of course, it is my sauce of choice and it even makes a decent spaghetti sauce substitute if need be. so, i was wondering if it's only certain types of flavors that trigger this reaction or if, maybe, i like bbq sauce more than i'd care to admit.

if i were into biology (or even psychological conditioning) i might just be geeky enough to experiment further on this. however, i'm geeked out on math at the moment. also, i'm lazy. so, there's that.

i've got a carry-over pal from discrete (and logic) in my math class this summer. i think that'll help me out a little (not that it helped me in discrete or logic, though...). i like him because he seems to be almost as smart and definitely as lazy. (it could be that he's both smarter and lazier, of course.) my prof is short and quiet, but i like him well enough despite that. what i really like, however, is that my grade will consist completely of test scores and tests are open book. finally, i class where i will not be explicitly penalized for poor attendance.

the easy part about going to summer school, though, is the glorious air conditioning. fuck this outrageous electric bill (and the craptastic refrigerator that's probably causing it).

i guess plans are maybe sort of in the works for cedar point already. i'm not even going to think about trying to organize anything until after my birthday, but if someone else did the planning i'd certainly jump on the bandwagon. if you're interested, let me know, though, and i'll do my best to keep you in the loop.

this weather is spectacular.