May 9th, 2005


ha... donkey lips...

so, "get stuff done" day turned into "don't do shit" day, but it's fine. i feel like i'm finally caught up on sleep and that's a major plus in my book. of course, i've still got laundry and dishes to do today and i really ought to do several more chores as well. we'll see what happens.

i bought half my books for the summer. $230. of course, i did get back a whopping $28 for my discrete book. score!

speaking of discrete, i passed. B+. same grade percentage as a friend of mine who attended every lecture. again, let me thank the powers that be that i'm such an independent learner. still, i guess if i'd turned in maybe one or two more homework assignments i could have had an A, but what the fuck ever. that class was a complete waste of my time. by the way, i showed up a few minutes late to turn in my take-home exam. vlad was saying something to the class, so i didn't walk in until he was finished. he seemed upset that i couldn't even show up on time for the last class. sorry, vlad! i hope i get to have him again sometime. i don't think he's a particularly good teacher or anything, but i appreciate that he knows who i am and i also like to look at him and listen to his silly russian accent.

my sister seems to think that i forgot my mother's birthday (saturday) AND mother's day (sunday). she sent me a nasty little note this morning to make sure i felt bad. i suppose somehow it's my fault that my mum wasn't home when i called. and that they probably went to madison after they told me they weren't going to, which meant i couldn't go and meet them there like i had planned. so, yeah, i'm a horrible daughter. deal with it; mom has.

i had pizza express for the first time today. yummy stuff. i had always justed assumed it was crap for some reason. dunno why.

been doing some reading about cyclothymic personality disorder. hits quite close to home. there will definitely be a discussion with my new doctor about this next monday. i'm really excited to be going to the doctor again. i'm sure i'll be pissed when i have to pay for it all, but i like the idea of getting some definitive answers to decade-old questions and (hopefully) some reassurance that yes, i am pretty much ok for the most part.

well, it's a lovely day. i think i'll go read about differential equations and lay in the grass. if only i had glasses and braces, i could be reigning dork supreme.
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big five

i took a big five personality test. as far as their sample set is concerned, 0% are more introverted or close-minded than me and i am more neurotic than 100% of those surveyed.

good grief.

(i always thought i considered myself fairly open-minded, but--as this is a self-evaluation--it appears i have been deceiving myself.)